The production stage consists in gathering all raw materials that will be used to compose the Documentary.

It includes
Selecting the archive material,
Producing the animation material,
Filming or other video material,
Recording voice over and soundtrack.

Once the production stage is completed all building blocks of the documentary are at hand and ready to be assembled as a coherent whole.

          The post-production stage consists in putting together all film/ Documentary/ elements to compose the final edit.

These are
• Audio synchronization,
• Voice over integration,
• Titles and subtitles insertion,
• Color corrections, and other final touches will achieve to give birth to a unique product.

Once finalized the project is exported to the appropriate formats (e.g. for large format projection and/or online viewing) and made ready for delivery.

           We use the highest quality equipment available to make professional output. Our staff are trained by the most respected technical schools and have many years of experience in various media medium. The company tries to make best picture quality and cinematography.