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Company Profile

Luche Multimedia Production is a private licensed company which was established in 2010 and is based in Addis Ababa. Luche Multimedia provides creative and credible services to a wide range of clientele ranging from local to international organizations working across Ethiopia.

The company makes documentaries, local feature films and advertisements for television. In addition, Luche Multimedia offers graphics design support and event planning/organization services.

The company utilizes state-of-the art technology and equipment, with a team of highly qualified, innovative and competent individuals, Luche Multimedia boasts a solid background in multimedia operations.

At Luche Multimedia, ‘customer is the king!’ The Luche Multimedia team understands that quality output is based on building strong consultations and partnerships with all clients. Luche Multimedia is conscious about clients’ financial preferences and hence offers attractive packages, quality coming first.

Our experience in the fields of agriculture, food security, nutrition, health, and other related issues have helped us become one of the most successful and competent documentary making companies. We have made exemplary productions to dozens of well-known local and international non-governmental organizations, and the following are the ones that have their projects documented well by Luche Multimedia Production.

So far we have produced different productions and event organized for Selam Children’s Village (NGO), UNIDO, Send a Cow Ethiopia (NGO), Sasakawa Africa Association, (NGO), World Food Program, Christian Aid, National Network, Habesha Cement, Africa Vacation Club, Ethiopian Drug Control, Sind Work Scientific Computing, Selam Awassa Business Group, Tesfa General Metal Work, Fasil Engineering, AEEG, Kaleb Service, Meklit Real Estate, Sida, Tesfa–ilg, Volvo, Renault Sintec, Egust and different feature movies for different clients.


Yonas Luche: CEO at Luche Multimedia and Overall Productions Manager
Ato Yonas is the Manager and Film Director. After working on a variety documentaries for local and international organizations based here in Addis Ababa, Ato Yonas founded Luche Multimedia as a fresh and innovative company that seeks to elevate standards of media and graphic productions in addition to event facilitation. Through previous professional engagements, Ato Yonas has built strong networks with local and international clients thus maximizing skills acquisition and credibility for Luche Multimedia. Ato Yonas strives for Luche Multimedia to become a leading media and events company that meets the demands of customers by offering affordable yet quality services.

Yonas Luche
CEO at Luche Multimedia and Overall Productions Manager
Aman Kiros: Consulting Advisor/ executive marketer Trained and graduated in marketing field from Adama University, Ato Aman is a good marketer and creative project developer. Besides, he also works as production manager. His role in this endeavor includes supporting the program with a very high commitment. Ato Aman also undertakes associated duties including grand-opening flow supervision (venue enhancements and client satisfaction); as well as co-organizing the post-event week of promotions fun activities.
Aman Kiros:
: Consulting Advisor/ executive marketer
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